Ideas for Nude Food from our 2022 Sustainability Leaders

Our amazing Sustainability leaders for this year, Emily, Mysia and Xavier, have come up with some ideas to share with our students and their families.

To help reduce waste, in particular, soft and hard plastic, in the link below are some ideas for school lunchboxes.

We know many children are already bringing along these types of containers, with healthy food choices, so keep up the great work at home. If stuck for ideas, please see the link below for images. By the way, snap lock bags can be re-used if you wipe these out at home. 

Also, as ANZAC Day is coming up soon, on 25th April, here is a recipe to make your own biscuits at home, instead of buying them. We hope you have fun baking these in the school holidays. See in the link below. 

Thank you, from the Sustainabilty leaders and staff team:
Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Shoebridge and Mr. Alison. 

Click here for Nude Food Lunchbox Ideas and Anzac Biscuit Recipe

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