Update to School Activities - March 16


The Kindergarten teachers will be in contact today with information regarding the running of their program.


Staggered Lunch

As we are a school over 500, a staggered recess and lunch has been introduced in accordance with DET Guidelines.   The Foundation to Year 2 Students will be outside from 10.10 to 10.40am for recess and 12.10pm to 1.10pm for Lunch break.  The Year 3 to 6 student breaks will continue as normal.



All school based clubs that occur before, during or after school have now been cancelled.  This includes Kelly Sports, Tennis, Art Classes, Chess, Lego and any other clubs that occur on the grounds of Vermont Primary School and Kindergarten.


Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent Teacher Meetings have been cancelled.  The teachers will still be providing all families with student assessed Work Samples, these will be sent home on Wednesday 25th March.  Teachers will be sending home a letter with the Work Sample indicating if further contact is required.


Excursions / Sport Groups

These events have all been cancelled until further notice.



Please contact the school immediately if you are aware of any cases of COVIC-19 within our school community, student, parents, grandparents and close contacts.


School Photos

School photos are going ahead as planned.


New guidelines for quarantine were put in place as of midnight. All travellers returning from overseas must self-quarantine for 14 days upon return.  

We are aware of rumours and conversations being held on social media, for example WeChat.  If you have any concerns or information please contact your classroom teacher or the principals directly.


If you have an absence to report and are unable to do this on Sentral, please email your teacher directly. 

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