Update to School Activities - 18 March

We are:

  • Providing digital learning activities for students who are self-isolated at home
  • Planning further digital lessons should the school be closed down in the future
  • Cancelling or re scheduling all clubs, interschool sports, camps, excursions, Foundation 2021 tours and outside provider activities
  • Reminding students of the need for high hygiene standards to look after and think of others
  • Setting up all F-2 students with Office 365 accounts so that this resource can be used in the event of school closure. Watch for a digital ‘opt out’ form for parents coming home on Friday.


At present, the advice of the Chief Health Officer remains that all schools should stay open, except in the case of a confirmed case of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).


Vermont Primary School and Kindergarten remains open as we have had:

  • No student tested positive for coronavirus disease
  • No staff member tested positive for coronavirus disease
  • No community member, to our knowledge, has tested positive for coronavirus

Recently, there was widespread circulation of a hoax message which falsely reported that all schools would close. At the moment this is not the case.


For an authoritative source of information please visit  Department’s COVID-19 website .


Thank you also to the parents who have already let teachers know that they have decided to keep their children at home. If you haven’t already, please email your classroom teacher.


Please continue to take your child’s temperature before attending school each morning and seek medical advice should it be above average.


We ask for your patience and consideration at this time.

Robin Stickland

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