Update to School Activities - 21 March


Late last night the Department of Education informed schools of the following updates:

Additional Pupil Free Days

The Minister for Education has approved an additional two pupil-free days. The first will be on the last day of this term – Friday 27th March – and the second will be on the first day of Term 2 – Tuesday 14th April - after the coming school holidays. This will provide an important opportunity for VPSK staff to consolidate their preparations for remote learning.  As per the DET guidelines, OSHC will not be open on these days. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may be for our families.


Schools Remain Open

On the recommendation of the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPS), the National Cabinet also determined that early childhood settings (Kindergartens), schools and higher education intuitions remain exempt from the social distancing requirements.  Based on this advice Vermont Primary School and Kindergarten will continue to remain open next week.  We continue to encourage all staff and children to follow safe hygiene practices and the new social distancing measures where these are practical in our setting.



Directly from DET – If parents choose to keep their children at home, the onus will be on parents in the first instance to support the learning of their children at home.  However, where teachers have the capacity, they can also support these students.  Vermont Primary School and Kindergarten staff often go above and beyond what is asked or expected from them and we are committed to supporting all students who attend school or are at home.  This week, the teachers will contact you to share resources to help self-isolated families to continue their child’s learning at home.


Remote Learning

Please read “Absences” above regarding remote learning for the last week of Term 1.  If, in the event Vermont Primary School and Kindergarten is instructed to close, the school will move to online learning.  We aim to contact all families this Wednesday to provide further details about this.  We are aware that this will be difficult for some families and are taking many scenarios into consideration.



Staff – there will be many casual relief teachers (CRT) in the school this week as we provide all our teachers with time to design home learning opportunities for the students.  We also have a duty of care to our staff who may fall under a risk category in relation to COVID-19, as a result, some staff will be working from home this week, to ensure their health and wellbeing.  These teachers will remain contactable via email and a CRT will be delivering their work program at school. 



2020 NAPLAN will not proceed due to the disruption to the education of all children in Australia.



We would like to thank you again for your understanding of the situation and continue to appreciate and value your support of our school and staff in very challenging times. 


Have a restful weekend – Robin, Joy and Helen

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