Local Schools Community Grant Completion

Thanks to the $20 000 Local School’s Community Grant, Vermont Primary School has been able to complete installing Soundfields in all classrooms and specialist rooms, a project we have been working on for 9 years.

A Soundfield is a device worn by a teacher to assist the students’ ability to recognise speech sounds and therefore comprehend what is being taught. It assists to decrease even modest levels of background noise no matter how close they are to the teacher. Numerous speech intelligibility studies show that children in the back row are likely to lose up to 40% of what the teacher is saying!


For the students, speech is clearer, more audible and soft sounds are equalised within words. Teacher's vocal fatigue is reduced dramatically and their ability to manage behaviour is enhanced as students are more engaged and the environment is calmer, leading to improved learning outcomes.


The reduction in vocal fatigue of teachers means less sick leave and the need for CRTs. A calmer, engaged classroom reduces stress levels of teachers and students.


This grant has enabled us to complete this project 3 years ahead of schedule and we are thankful to the Federal Government for this opportunity.

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