Reading Intervention

The Reading Recovery Program is an intensive literacy program that is aimed at year 1 students to provide them with extra support in achieving their personal best in reading and writing. The program teaches and reinforces reading strategies, letter and sound recognition and many other elements, essential to facilitating successful reading and writing. Students who participate in the program meet with the Reading Recovery Teacher on a daily basis for a 30 minute individual lesson. With the support of the Reading Recovery Teacher, the student’s classroom teacher and parents, the child is able to flourish under nuturing guidance.

Key features of the Reading Recovery Program:

  • Focuses on students who, after one year of schooling and despite quality programs, are not developing effective reading and writing processes.
  • Enables students to become active, independent problem-solvers within a short space of time.
  • Builds on students’ strengths, encouraging success and independence.
  • The program is different for every child with the teacher responding to the child’s processing and shifting him/her further towards independence.
  • Strengthens self esteem and the student’s natural desire to learn.
  • The focus is on comprehending messages (in reading) and constructing written messages (in writing).
  • Reading Recovery relies on a team approach supported by the whole school community – principal, staff, parents and school council.

For more information please see the following website:
Reading Recovery

At Vermont Primary School, we are lucky to have Mrs Noelene Iacovangelo as our Reading Recovery Teacher! Mrs Iacovangelo has been instrumental in providing our year 1 students with the extra support that they need. As a result of Mrs Iacovangelo’s dedication to these children, many students of Vermont Primary School that have gone through the Reading Recovery Program are avid readers who all appreciate the effort and hardwork that Mrs I (as she is known) has shown them.


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