Student Leadership

School Captains, House Captains, Students Leaders and Buddy System – Year 5 students and all staff are involved in the selection of all leadership positions, following students’ oral presentations. Positions for Sport, Environmental, Performing Arts, Peer Mediator and Library Captains are also offered. A Buddies Program operates with Prep and Year 6 students as well as Year 1 and Year 5 students. All of these activities promote and develop student leadership skills.

Students Conferences – Years 5 and 6 Student Leaders participate in State and Regional School Leadership Conferences. They focus on Leadership and Sustainability or Environmental Education. eg: GRIP Conference and Melbourne Water Youth Conference.

Peer Mediators – expressions of interest are required from Year 4 and 5 students for positions the following year. Once the compulsory training program is completed, students are then able to act as Peer Mediators during recess and lunchtimes.

Junior School Council – open to all students with one representative per class, selected at the beginning of the year by student votes.

Planet Savers - open to all students with two representatives per class, selected at the beginning of the year by student votes.

Further information on these roles can be found in the Student Leadership Policy under the About tab of this website.




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Leadership Application Form



Introducing Your 2022 School and House Captains


  Name Information
    School Captain - Sarakshi S

Hello, I'm Sarakshi one of the school captains. I play netball and I really enjoy it. I also like to paint, colour and draw. This year I am really looking forward to coming up with different ideas for the school and hopefully making them happen and working with different people. I hope that this year will be an awesome year and we all have lots of fun. 



    School Captain - Hardit B

Hi, my name is Hardit, and I am one of the School Captains for 2022. My hobbies are reading, playing video games, cricket and basketball. This year, I hope to make a good difference to Vermont Primary School by being a good role model to the younger years.






    Canterbury House Captain - Tahlia L

Hi my name is Tahlia and I am one of your yellow house captains for 2022.

I am looking forward to working with all the other captains this year. I am an approachable person so feel free to come up to me at any time. My hobbies are netball and dance. I enjoy doing the buddy program as last year it helped me improve my leadership skills and I was happy to know I had a younger student look up to me. I am thrilled to be a captain this year and can’t wait to do lots of fun things this year.


    Canterbury House Captain - Divnit S

Hi, my name is Divnit I am your Canterbury house captain for the year 2022. A bit about me, I love to play sports, the sports I am currently playing are basketball, cricket and tennis but I will be happy to play any other sports too. I also like to read because it relaxes my mind and improves my knowledge. I can’t wait to work with all the other captains and teachers to make Vermont primary school a better place for everyone and if you have any questions, I will be at the basketball courts or on the big oval playing sports. AND AT LAST GO CANTERBURY!


    Cantely House Captain - Kate C

Hi, my name is Kate, and I am your Cantley House Captain for 2022. I love to play the violin, even practicing! I prefer the subject English, although I also enjoy Maths, and I love reading. Once I pick up a book, it’s quite hard to stop! I’m really excited to work with all the students and teachers to contribute to Vermont Primary School. I’ll always be available to anyone who has any questions. Go Cantley!!



    Cantely House Captain - Aiyden C

Hi, my name is Aiydena dn I am one of your Cantley (blue) House Captinas.  I love sports, Foot is my favourtie be a mile but I do like cricket, tennis, soccer and more as well.  If you would like to talk to me you can come up whenever.  Iwill most likely be on one of the ovals.  I am looking forward to leading everybody in Blue House to victory. Go Blue!





    Nurlendi House Captain - Holly S

Hi, I am Holly, one of your red house captains for 2022 and I am very excited to lead red house on the journey to win the house cup. I love to dance, play netball and to hang out with my friends. I am very excited to be your red house captain and if you see me around, come and say hi!





    Nurlendi House Captain - Arvin G

Hello, my name’s Arvin. I’m one of your Nurlendi House Captains for 2022. My favourite things to do are reading books, playing video games and basketball. You will usually find me on the basketball courts at recess and lunchtime. I would love it if you came up and said hi and show me your basketball skills. I’m really excited to be your Nurlendi House Captain this year. GO RED!!




    Terrara House Captain - Claire B

My name is Claire and I am proud to be one of the Terarra House captains for 2022. Some fun facts about me are I have 2 pet bunnies called Hermione and Cookie and my favourite sports are netball and footy. Something I’m looking forward to about being a captain is helping at assemblies. I hope that the school can come out of our safety bubbles and that we can have assemblies in the stadium again! 

I'm excited for the opportunity to work with the other captains to make our school a better place.


    Terrara House Captain - Logith A

My name is Logith and I am your Green house captain. Some of my hobbies are playing cricket, going to the oval with my friends, bike riding with my friends and family and zooming with my friends. I can't wait to work with my fellow captains to make the school an even better place where all students look forward to coming to school every day.  





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