Student Leadership

School Captains, House Captains, Students Leaders and Buddy System – Year 5 students and all staff are involved in the selection of all leadership positions, following students’ oral presentations. Positions for Sport, Environmental, Performing Arts, Peer Mediator and Library Captains are also offered. A Buddies Program operates with Prep and Year 6 students as well as Year 1 and Year 5 students. All of these activities promote and develop student leadership skills.

Students Conferences – Years 5 and 6 Student Leaders participate in State and Regional School Leadership Conferences. They focus on Leadership and Sustainability or Environmental Education. eg: GRIP Conference and Melbourne Water Youth Conference.

Peer Mediators – expressions of interest are required from Year 4 and 5 students for positions the following year. Once the compulsory training program is completed, students are then able to act as Peer Mediators during recess and lunchtimes.

Junior School Council – open to all students with one representative per class, selected at the beginning of the year by student votes.

Planet Savers - open to all students with two representatives per class, selected at the beginning of the year by student votes.

Further information on these roles can be found in the Student Leadership Policy under the About tab of this website.




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