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You can submit an enrolment form for your child once they have turned 2 years of age. Applications for enrolment are due April 30th the year before they are due to attend the kinder.  Please be aware that enrolment at Vermont Primary School Kindergarten does not guarantee your enrolment at Vermont Primary School, please refer to the Vermont Primary School Enrolment Page for information about our designated Boundary Map.


Please click here to complete an online applicaiton for the Vermont Primary School Kindergarten:




Enrolment and Orientation Policy

2023 Parent Handbook



The Vermont Primary School designated Boundary Map does not apply to students enrolling in the Vermont Primary School Kindergarten.  The Department of Education Priority of Access determines our enrolment criteria, this information can be found in full in our Enrolment and Orientation Policy (above).


This year we offer 2 Three Year Old Program Groups and 2 Four Year Old Program Groups, all groups are 15 hours per week. Please be aware that this timetable is subject to change each year.  We do not offer any extended care beyond the session times in the timetable.


Our Philosophy

We offer a play-based program and provide a stimulating, responsive and nurturing environment, that acknowledges children as individuals who approach life and learning in different ways.

Kindergarten is a beautiful time in a child's life.

The Vermont Primary School Kindergarten philosophy engages children not only in the learning process, but also in developing the desire to learn, with creativity and hands on experiences.  The children lead the learning through their questions, observations, ideas and curiosity. 

At Vermont Primary School Kindergarten, we create an environment that is safe, fun, inclusive and respectful. The partnerships with parents and the community are a vital component in a child's learning.  

We believe children learn best through meaningful play.  Our play-based, child centred program allows children to learn how to experiment/problem solve, socialise, be active, explore, hypothesize, discover, test their ideas, modify their ideas, apply and communicate their understanding. We provide a foundation of developmentally appropriate experiences, where all children can succeed in a safe and nurturing environment., 

We aim to build confidence in children so that they become enthusiastic participants in their learning.  We recognise children develop their skills at their own pace. Children are valued for who they are.  

Parents are actively involved and valued in our kindergarten.

Throughout the year Parents are invited to “Stay and Play” and encouraged to share their skills and knowledge with the children.

Please contact the Kindergarten to make an appointment to come and see us!

Kinder Policies




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