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If you require an enrolment form, please see the school office. You can submit an enrolment form for your child once they have turned 2 years of age. Applications for enrolment are due April 30th the year before they are due to attend the kinder.  Please be aware that enrolment at Vermont Primary School Kindergarten does not guarantee your enrolment at Vermont Primary School, please refer to the Vermont Primary School Enrolment Page for information about our designated Boundary Map.

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Enrolment and Orientation Policy

Parent Handbook 2021


The Vermont Primary School designated Boundary Map does not apply to students enrolling in the Vermont Primary School Kindergarten.  This year we offer 2 Three Year Old Program Groups and 3 Four Year Old Program Groups.  Please be aware that this timetable is subject to change each year.

Our Program is play based. Children express themselves through play and all developmental areas grow.

Children learn more effectively in programs that provide a stimulating, responsive and nurturing environment, and that acknowledge children as individuals who approach life and learning in different ways.

Early education bridges the gap between home learning and school based learning – we strive to provide the opportunity to develop creativity, independence and positive self esteem in a warm, supportive environment.

Kindergarten is a beautiful time in a child's life.

A quote that exemplifies this is –

Tell me and I forget 
Show me and I may remember 
Involve me and I will understand.

Our Kindergarten Philosophy is eclectic and borrows from many researchers and early childhood specialists. 

We offer hands-on learning through imaginative areas set up within the Kindergarten. 

The children have fun! Staff and children enjoy learning together, and growing as individuals and as a group. We document our journey together in many ways, one of them using StoryPark.

We use an emergent curriculum. The interests of the children are observed and nurtured, and planning stems from this. We extend children’s learning using “teachable moments”, or unplanned opportunities through the day.


Observations are kept on each child and can take different forms, from art samples to photos, to written/typed reflections. Parents are encouraged to make a mutually convenient time to speak to the teachers about their child’s development and progress, and to exchange information about home life.

This reciprocal information exchange creates a transition process from 3 year old kindergarten to 4 year old kindergarten and onto Foundation. A Transition Statement is prepared by the 4 year old teachers before the child commences school, with family input.

Parents are actively involved and valued in our kindergarten.

Our social/fundraising committee organises great events during the term. The school maintenance officer helps keep the inside and outside shipshape.

There are always things to help with, during a Kinder session if you wish, with Working Bees, or fundraising.

We usually hold an Art Show for families, which showcases the children’s art work.

Please make an appointment to come and see us!

Quote – 
While we try to teach our children all about life, 
Our children teach us what life is all about.
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