Here are some activities for you to try with your families.

Foundation to Year 2- Times of the Day

Here are five pictures showing something happening at different times of the day.

Have a good look at each one. What do you see in the picture?  What is happening? Could you describe it to someone else?


You could use these pictures in different ways. For example:


  1. You could put them into an order in which you think they might happen through a day.
  2. You could suggest what time these things happen in your day.
  3. You could see how many hours might pass between pairs of pictures you have chosen.
  4. You could draw another picture that might 'fit' between two of the pictures.
  5. You will have your own ideas too...

Year 3 to 6- Rectangle Tangle

The large rectangle above is divided into a series of smaller quadrilaterals and triangles. Each of the shapes is a fractional part of the large rectangle.


Can you untangle what fractional part is represented by each of the ten numbered shapes?

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