Special Events

2023 BOOK Week

The theme for Book Week 2023 is Read, Grow, Inspire. At Vermont Primary School, it will run from the 21st of August until the 25th of August 2023.


Further details will be advised closer to the date.


' Dreaming with your eyes Open'


WOW!!! What a terrific Book Week. We are so grateful to have participated in the whole week with some amazing activities for all. The school community would have seen some amazing photos of the children and their very creative costumes in The Nurlendi News. On behalf of all the staff, we thank you for your efforts and supporting your child to be a part of this school event. 


Our Special Visitors

As well as the Dress Up Day and Parade, we were very lucky to have some visitors in our great school.


On Thursday we had Morris Gleitzman who spoke to the Year 3 and 4s and then to the Year 5 and 6s. He was very gracious and signed hundreds of books that were sent in on the day. Mr Gleitzman was very inciteful and provided some terrific tips he uses as an author of many, many award-winning novels. He also shared his skills of research that he used to write the Once series that the Year 5 and 6 children have read. He was very impressed with all of the children, with their interesting and thoughtful questions to the manners they displayed.


On Friday the Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 children were involved in a workshop where they worked together to write their own story and illustrated it too. They produced a book with the help of author Bec Filliponi and illustrator Julie Gebbing. We are looking forward to seeing the published books! 


In addition, we had a special Competition that was created by the Year 6 Library Captains and the MS Readathon. Details of winners and highest fundraisers are below.


It was such a busy week with lots of fun had by all!!! 


Thank you to our amazing Vermont Primary School Community!


Jacci Strachan

on Behalf of the English Professional Learning Team


Book Week Library Competition

The English events continued through BOOK Week and we announced the winners of the Book Week Library Competition. The children were presented with their prizes at the school assembly on Monday 12th of September.  Library Captains Milla F and Chloe L and the Principals did the final judging. Chloe L did a terrific job announcing the winners and presenting their prizes.


Congratulations to:

Foundation: Talia Z - 0BM             Year 1: Mina N - 1CQ

Year 2: Lawrence V - 2BM             Year 4: Andrew I - 4JH

Year 5: Gretel J - 5LS                   Year 6: Charlotte R - 6AS


The posters and the poems that were created were very special. Well done to everyone who participated. It was very tricky to judge as there were so many creative entries.


Jacci Strachan and Fi Hedstrom

on behalf of the Literacy Professional Learning Team

Vermont Primary School


MS Readathon

One of the events that was planned around Book Week was the MS Readathon.  It was great to see so many participate in this amazing fundraising opportunity that also included showcasing our love for reading books. 


In August, the children that participated in the Readathon read 221 Books and raised a total of $1650. This money that we have fundraised through the MS Readathon will help fund lots of services like special family camps. These camps help children who have a parent affected by Multiple Sclerosis to learn more about it, and also spend time with other children who also have parents with MS.  


The winners were presented with prizes at an assembly. 

They were: 



Thomas P from 4YO Blue Group.  Thomas raised $635.72. This is on top of the $1650 that was raised in the Primary School. He also read 80 books!


Primary School:


First: Douglas S from 3LS. Douglas raised $501. 

Second: Emma M from 5RC.  Emma raised $404. 

Third: Anay V from 4JS.  Anay raised $209.


Books Registered as read

First: Clovis T from 2NF who read 43 books.

Second: Kaylee T from 5LS who read 38 books and she also raised $100.


Thank you to everyone again for reading your books and raising some money for a very worthy cause.


Nerida Forster

on behalf of the Literacy Professional Learning Team

Vermont Primary School