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This year’s theme for Cultural Diversity Week is:


Our Past. Our Future: Celebrating and reflecting on the contributions of Victoria's

 multicultural communities.


The Humanities Professional Learning Team at Vermont Primary School have created a very colourful, informative week where the children will learn about the amazing multicultural communities we have at Vermont Primary School. Did you know that over 60% of our students speak more than one language? It has been exciting to see and reflect on the number of different languages spoken by our students and parents.


We are planning to provide opportunities to learn more about our amazing school community. It all starts on Monday 27th March when we have an exciting introduction to the week. This includes a colourful parade of national dress OR orange which represents HARMONY WEEK which is also celebrated in this timeframe.


We are celebrating our country’s diversity, inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians, from the Traditional Owners of the land to our most recent arrivals.  


If wearing national dress is not possible, the children can choose to wear something orange to show support for cultural diversity and an inclusive school.


For a snapshot of the events for the week, please click on the PDF below:

Cultural Diversity and Harmony Week

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