Whole School Curriculum
Behaviour Management Policy Arts Policy
Bullying Policy Assessment & Reporting Policy
Bullying Policy Restraint Appendix English as an Additional Language Policy
Camps & School Council Approved Excursions Policy English Policy
Class Placement Policy Homework Policy
Communication Procedures & Schedule Policy Humanities Policy
Communication with School Staff Policy LOTE Policy
Complaints & Raising Concerns Policy Maths Policy
Duty of Care Policy Physical Education Policy
Enrolment Policy Science Policy
Excursions Policy Sustainability SEMP Policy
Graduation Policy Teaching & Learning Policy
Inclusion & Diversity Policy  
Incursion & External Providers Policy Office Administration
Instrumental Music Policy Essential Education Supplies
Mandatory Reporting Policy Refund Policy
OHS Policy  
Parent Code of Conduct Policy First Aid
Personal Property Policy Anaphylaxis Annual Risk Management Checklist
Privacy Policy Anaphylaxis Policy
Procedure for Feedback to Parents Policy Asthma Policy
Professional Development Policy First Aid Policy
Professional Practice Days Policy Headlice Policy
PSD Policy Healthcare Needs Policy
Respect for School Staff Policy Medication Policy
Statement of Values Appendix 1 Medication Admin Log
Student Code of Conduct Policy Appendix 2 Medication Authority Form
Student Leadership Policy Student Accident Insurance Arrangements
SunSmart Policy  
Supervision & Duty of Care Policy Digital Technology
Trespass Policy Digital Technologies Specialist Policy
Uniform Policy eSmart & Cyber Safety Policy
Wellbeing & Engagement Policy Guidelines use of Chat Rooms
Working With Children Check Policy Internet & Digital Hardware Policy
Yard Duty & Supervision Policy Mobile Phone Policy
  Photographing & Filming Students Policy

Above you will find the Privacy Policy for VPS, you can also access more information at the Department’s School’s Privacy Policy Page at the following link:
Education Department's School Privacy Policy
Social Media Policy for Educators

2019 Policies Due for Review:
Social Media Policy for Educators and Incursion & External Providers Policy

Awaiting DET updates: Camps and Excursions

Ratified by School Council in 2019:
Student Leadership Policy

Ratified by School Council in 2018:

Anaphylaxis / Asthma / Attendance / Camps / Class Placement / Communication with School Staff / Communication of School Policies, Procedures and Schedule / Bullying Prevention / Digital Technologies Specialist / English / Enrolment / eSmart Cyber Safety / First Aid / Fundraising / General Capabilities / Graduation / Head Lice / Health Care Needs / Homework / Integrated Curriculum / Mathematics / Mobile Phone / P.E. / Personal Property / Photographing and Filming of Students / Private Instrumental / Reporting Obligations / Science and Sustainability / Statement of School Values / Student Engagement and Wellbeing / Visitors / Volunteers / Yard Duty and Supervision


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